Mahendra Bagul Employee Testimonial

One of my ex-colleague and LinkedIn connections was with InfraCloud at that time. He used to share posts on LinkedIn about the work he and his team was doing. Someone working on Kubernetes in Pune and doesn’t know about InfraCloud is as rare as hen’s teeth.

You ask, why I chose InfraCloud?

I also wanted to start playing with the beast Kubernetes as we all know its generating lots of buzz for the last few years. One day, Vishal’s post(Liked by my ex-colleague) on LinkedIn kicked in the butt and I messaged Vishal on LinkedIn. In a few minutes, I got a reply from him and my resume was processed on the same day. Soon, I was interviewed and I received an offer in two days. I was really impressed by the team’s response.

My experience with InfraCloud…

InfraCloud has got brilliance in cloud-native space. When I joined InfraCloud, I had zero experience in Docker, Kubernetes. Infranauts have always pitched in and helped me from time to time and I can comfortably work on Kubernetes and Docker today.

I miss the Lunch and snacks in the evening arranged by InfraCloud so much during this Lockdown.

I remembered my first assignment i.e. Gitlab-Crossplane Integration, it was my first open-source contribution. I had no experience in a single technology used for that integration. Luckily and collaboratively(Infranouts helped me a lot) I was able to finish up the assignment on time and it was showcased at San Diego, KubeConf Nov 2019. My joy knew no bounds. I was on cloud 9, and that’s how I got comfortable with cloud 😛 HAHA.

What’s the best thing I like about InfraCloud?

I like the focus InfraCloud holds on Latest Technology. In my 5 years of experience, whenever I had a problem in code, I used to do a quick google search and the issue was getting resolved. After joining InfraCloud, it has occurred to me many times that there was no solution/reference available on for the problem I was facing. In my opinion, that’s what encourages us to dig more into the basics and you get in-depth knowledge about the subject. Infracloud truly believes in “Knowledge has no value unless you use and share it” through meetups.

Being small in numbers, we all are friends (after office too). Our bond strengthens with every celebration and to be honest, InfraCloud doesn’t need a reason to celebrate the moments, be it a Festival Celebrations, Birthday Cakes, Post Certification Parties, Women’s Day Celebration and what not.

Being a technology company, we are always occupied by the toughest problems but the HR team leaves no stone unturned in mitigating the burden we carry.


I simply ❤️ working at InfraCloud. I would recommend each one of you out there.


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