Serverless architecture or “Function as a Service” for sake of better name presents a unique way to build the applications effectively and without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. This is exciting for developers and organisations equally. Hence you can see a lot of interest and growth in commercial offerings as well as open source projects. In the first meetup of “Serverless Pune”, InfraCloud CTO presents a brief introduction with demos!

The talk covers following areas:

  • What is the definition and how it has evolved over a period of time. We look at how serverless world moved from BaaS to FaaS.
  • What are various frameworks & commercial offerings available for implementing this type of architecture. We look at commercial offerings from Google, AWS & Azure as well as open source once like Fission, Funktion etc.
  • Architectural considerations, benefits and challenges in implementing a function as a service platform.
  • Demo which cover running functions on AWS by manually creating whole stack and then using Serverless framework to achieve the same with much ease.
  • Deploying Fission framework on Kubernetes which servers as a platform for running Functions as a Service