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Why DevSecOps Consulting?

 Unified Visibility for SecOps & DevOps Teams

Unified visibility for SecOps & DevOps teams

 Automate Remediation of Vulnerabilities

Automate remediation of vulnerabilities

 Misconfigurations Threat Detection

Misconfigurations & Threat Detection

 Security Across Multi-cloud

Security across multi-cloud

Your DevSecOps Consulting Partner

Your partner at every step - whether you’re already on your cloud native journey or just starting out.

DevSecOps Assessment

DevSecOps Assessment

Our team of cloud-native security specialists can share DevSecOps best practices and compliance assessments across your cloud infrastructure and processes.

  • -> DevSecOps assessment is carried out by our cloud-native security experts on your complete stack including nodes, applications, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud infrastructure.
  • -> We have experience in securing bare-metal Kubernetes, Managed Kubernetes services like AWS, GKE and AKS to name a few with DevSecOps best practices.
  • -> Our expert DevSecOps professionals assess your existing processes to help build a more robust security infrastructure.
DevSecOps Assessment

DevSecOps Consulting & Advisory

DevSecOps Consulting & Advisory

We understand your infrastructure & business goals. Accordingly, we advise you on the design & implementation of a robust cloud native security plan.

  • -> We help you identify gaps where you can integrate DevSecOps & cloud-native security measures into your development process to make it more secured.
  • -> Our DevSecOps experts help create a fool-proof plan to upgrade your security maturity levels and the tools used.
  • -> Our team has advised companies of different sizes from different domains and worked on over 50 projects in the DevSecOps space.
DevSecOps Consulting & Advisory

Deploying Security Products

Deploying Security Products

Our DevSecOps experts can propose the most suitable security technologies, help you deploy and configure them with an actionable plan to address your DevOps goals.

  • -> We evaluate your existing infrastructure and help you choose the best DevSecOps security tools that meet your requirement.
  • -> Our DevSecOps experts have immense experience in implementing security tools and carefully choose and implement security tools to avoid common pitfalls.
  • -> We help you deploy DevSecOps tools directly into your DevOps pipeline to detect vulnerabilities before they disrupt your operations.
Deploying Security Products

Be Compliant and Audit Ready

Be Compliant and Audit Ready

We assist you with the implementation of DevSecOps & cloud-based security technologies for advanced threat detection, threat intelligence, and vulnerability scanning to be audit-ready.

  • -> Quickly secure your cloud infrastructure with our DevSecOps & cloud-native security best practices and be compliant ready.
  • -> Our robust DevSecOps services include all critical components that ensure security and help you adhere to regulations
  • -> We assist you to comply with recommended global regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS.
Be Compliant and Audit Ready

DevSecOps Managed Services

DevSecOps Managed Services

Leverage InfraCloud’s DevSecOps experts for operating, troubleshooting, and optimizing day-to-day elements of cloud native security, in the most effective way.

  • -> Our DevSecOps experts can take care of complete end-to-end implementation & operation of your cloud native security tools and processes.
  • -> Focus on your core business operations and let InfraCloud DevSecOps consultants work to keep your cloud infrastructure secured from threats and vulnerabilities.
  • -> From threat prevention to mitigation, our DevSecOps team is capable of handling any situation without it affecting your business operations.
DevSecOps Managed Services

Get the team up to speed

Get the team up to speed

We help you with detailed documentation and build in-house knowledge to monitor system performance and functions for managing the infrastructure like a pro.

  • -> Our DevSecOps experts help you build a comprehensive cloud native security knowledgebase to assist your teams.
  • -> InfraCloud DevSecOps consultants can help you Implement self-service threat monitoring and logging solutions.
  • -> Assist your engineers to understand DevSecOps & cloud native security best practices and incorporate them into your application development cycles.
Get the team up to speed

We Understand the Nitty-Gritty!

Gain leverage with our proven artificial intelligence expertise & industry exposure. Working with 100+ clients, we know the criticalities, compliances & the importance of getting things right in the first go. Be it an enterprise with datacenters across the world or a rapidly scaling startup, we got it covered!

Technology, SaaS & Internet

Focus on integrating AI within your SaaS on the top of the cloud built for AI while we build & manage your GPU server for performance.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Modernize your system to streamline inspections, better resource monitoring, visualize data, and reduce operational costs.


Leverage the power of cloud GPU instances to process patient data at speed to adapt to the rapidly evolving healthcare demands.

Travel & Hospitality

Delight your customers with seamless operation & instant updates using cost-effective, flexible, and scalable system.

We Open Source

We believe open source enables anyone to create technologies for a better tomorrow. Our developers have been constantly contributing to various cloud native projects and leveraging them for our clients’ unique needs.

Sneak peek at our OSS contributions

We Open Source

Want to implement DevSecOps in your infrastucture?

Let us help you implement DevSecOps best practices in your current processes & make you compliance-ready.

Talk to a Security Expert

Why InfraCloud as your DevSecOps Consulting Partner?

 Certified Developers
Certified Developers

170 in-house engineers, including 4 CKS, 51 CKA & 19 Certified Kubernetes Application Developers.

 Domain Expertise
Domain Expertise

Implement the DevSecOps best practices that we have learned while working with 100+ clients.

 First Mover Advantage
First Mover Advantage

Partner with the first Kubernetes service provider in India and second in APAC.


Our training focuses on building knowledge of core concepts with practical experiences.

 CNCF Certified Provider
CNCF Certified Provider

InfraCloud is a proud CNCF Silver Member, and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP).

 Expand Easily
Expand Easily

With InfraCloud, easily scale up the team of engineers without the hassle of hiring or training.

Team with the Diverse Set of Technical Expertise

While working with more than 100+ customers, our engineers’ have gotten well versed in

  • Flaco
  • Notary
  • Open Policy Agent
  • Snyk
  • Tigera
  • Tuf

Ready to Get Started with DevSecOps?

Always on your side! Schedule a call with one of our DevSecOps specialists to achieve your DevOps transformation goals.

Trusted by 100+ companies worldwide

Got a question around DevSecOps Consulting?

DevSecOps consultants can help your business by integrating security measures throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring early identification and mitigation of risks. By automating security processes, consultants enable efficient and secure development practices. Empowering developers with security knowledge and promoting a culture of security awareness contribute to a strong defense against threats. Their expertise also helps in incident response planning, improving the organization’s overall resilience in the face of security challenges.

Once you schedule a meeting with our DevSecOps experts (using the contact page), our team will chat with you to gain a deeper understanding of your project, specific requirements, and goals. From there, we can arrange an appropriate model of engagement:

  • -> Consulting: Skilled cloud-native security specialists assess and help you implement security within DevOps.
  • -> Team Extension: Bring our experienced DevSecOps specialists to work as a part of your team.
  • -> Fixed Scope: Outsource a part/end-to-end DevSecOps process to our experts.

Once the SoW is agreed upon, our team will kick off the project and keep you updated through a dedicated channel & regular sync-ups for communication and support.

We understand every software is built with a unique technological stack and demands a tailored way of security. After accessing your DevOps process, goals, and requirements, our team will craft a customized approach to integrate security within your software delivery cycle for secure product delivery.
Our DevSecOps consultants can help you regardless of whether you already have DevOps implemented or need to start from scratch. We will assess your existing CI/CD pipeline and make improvements. If there is a need that can translate to be beneficial to your business, we can implement a new DevSecOps process tailored to your project.

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