Enterprise-grade Prometheus Support for Enhanced Monitoring

Run Prometheus confidently in Production with 24*7 expert support for all your monitoring needs.

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Prometheus Professional Service Provider
InfraCloud is officially recognized by Prometheus as their ‘Commercial Support partner’ to provide the best in the industry enterprise-grade support.

Prometheus Commercial Support & Services

Confidently use Prometheus for monitoring and let InfraCloud manage the complexities. Whether you need help with alerting, visualization, or analysis, the professionals are here, so you don’t miss a single unit of data & get critical insights that help you in delivering a better product.


Companies of all size trust us as their partner


Engineers with industry recognized certifications


Years in development


Offices worldwide

 24*7 Support
24*7 Support

Be it night or day, we are 24*7*365 available to support Prometheus emergencies (P1 & P2).

 Unlimited Incidents
Unlimited Incidents

Unlimited priority support for any emergencies without fear of running out of support.

 Secure Updates
Secure Updates

Regularly checking and installing Prometheus updates to keep the app data safe.


Creating custom metrics, defining alerting rules, and configuring the web interface.

 Data Assistance
Data Assistance

Modeling, labeling, and aggregating the collected data for easier consumption.


Integrate with Grafana & other tools to enhance its observability capabilities.

Prometheus Commercial Support Tiers

Support Tiers




Support Model
Business hours
Support Ticket Portal
Number of Tickets per Month
Number of Named Contacts
Dedicated Private Slack Channel
Managed Install/Upgrades
Security Patching
Design Assistance

Prometheus Support Service Cycle



Connect with the InfraCloud team via Slack or Jira ticket, based on the incident’s severity. Refer to the support matrix for guidance.



We’ll address the Prometheus issue and assign a dedicated engineering team to it.



Our Prometheus experts will conduct a thorough audit of the observability issue and develop a detailed plan to resolve it.



We’ll collaborate with your team, either to implement our plan to resolve the issue or to guide your team in fixing the data pipelines themselves.



After a successful resolution, we will close the ticket, providing you with complete transparency.

Transparent Plans for Prometheus Commercial Support

Support Medium Description
Technical Support 24*7 for severity 1 & 2 incidents; business days (US) for severity 3 & 4 incidents.
Support Channel Web Portal (Jira Service Management).
Audio/Video calls for severity 1 & 2 incidents, after triaging the issue.
Dedicated Private Slack Channel to resolve issues.
SLA Based on the incident severity (mentioned below).
Business hours (P3-P4) 9 AM - 6 PM EST (customized as per customer business hours)
Service Level Production Support Description Severity 1 Severity 2 Severity 3 Severity 4
Response time InfraCloud initial response after customer files initial request. 1 hour 2 hours 1 business day 2 business days
Ongoing response time Subsequent responses. 2 hours 4 hours 1 business day 2 business days
Resolution time Time from the incident created to the resolution. 6 hours 2 days 5 days 15 days

We Open Source

We believe open source enables anyone to create technologies for a better tomorrow. Our developers have been constantly contributing to Prometheus to improve monitoring capabilities and leveraging them for our clients’ unique needs.

Sneak peek at our OSS contributions

We Open Source

Prometheus Support Experts, Keeping it Production Ready 24*7

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Got a question around Prometheus Support?

You will receive a response within few hours from the Prometheus support team once you submit the incident report. If you report an severity P1, our engineers will be working on the case from the first hour.
The team is available 24x7x365. The support engineers work in various shifts, so Prometheus monitoring experts are always available to help as per your support tier model & incident severity.
Our InfraCloud engineers have been working with Prometheus since the early days, contributing to the project regularly, and developing in-house tools for monitoring and setting observability processes.
We rigorously test each Prometheus update on a dummy architecture with boilerplate data, carefully verifying it before deployment to the production environment. Our review team ensures that updates meet our high standards before release, so you can be confident they won’t impact your application’s monitoring.

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