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Kubernetes consultants trusted by CNCF as Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) for consulting, deployment & support.

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2023 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing Kubernetes category
InfraCloud is the winner of '2023 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing - Kubernetes' category for leading the innovation and excellence in cloud native space.

Why Kubernetes Consulting Services?

Future Proof - Agile, Scalable

High-Performance Software Delivery

Improved Application Development

IT Cost Optimization

Multi-cloud (& Hybrid cloud) Flexibility

Self-Healing Containers

Containerize Monolithic Applications

Automated Roll-outs & Roll-backs

What we offer in Kubernetes Consulting?

As a CNCF trusted Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP), explore what our Kubernetes consultants can help you with:

Kubernetes Advisory Services

Kubernetes Advisory Services

Companies planning to adopt Kubernetes can leverage InfraCloud’s consulting services for a smooth Kubernetes adoption and onboarding. Our Kubernetes consultants have experience of all major cloud providers - AWS, GCP, Azure.

  • -> The Kubernetes consulting services include comparing current processes to industry standards and creating a roadmap for a successful Kubernetes implementation.
  • -> Our team of Kubernetes consultants assesses and audits your current infrastructure for readiness and maturity of your application ecosystem and provides detailed recommendations for cloud native journey.
  • -> With an actionable deployment plan best suited to achieving your business goals, you’re ready to get started with Kubernetes implementation.
Kubernetes Advisory Services

Kubernetes Application Development & Migration

Kubernetes Application Development & Migration

We help you build new apps or migrate from monolith to microservices architecture. We deconstruct and segregate your legacy system into smaller, manageable containerized workloads making it Kubernetes-ready.

  • -> Building Kubernetes-ready apps with greenfield implementation for organizations revamping their IT from scratch.
  • -> Deconstructing your tightly integrated monolith app into loosely coupled microservices that can talk to each other offering unapparelled flexibility.
  • -> Providing you a single pane of glass for all your Kubernetes clusters across environments for multicluster management.
Kubernetes Application Development & Migration

Kubernetes Deployment Partner

Kubernetes Deployment Partner

Working with 100+ customers, we understand deploying Kubernetes on production can be complex. Our Kubernetes consultancy team ensures that you get it right the first time in cloud or on-prem, right from the strategy to implementation stage.

  • -> Deploying production-ready Kubernetes clusters on private, public, or on-prem (bare metal) following the roadmap & best practices recommended during Kuberetes consultancy.
  • -> Enabling provisioning of highly available clusters supporting auto-healing and scalability to match the ongoing demand.
  • -> Integrating essential apps like Prometheus, necessary security implementation, and RBAC policies.
  • -> If you’re deploying ML models, our Kubernetes consultants can help you.
Kubernetes Deployment Partner

DevSecOps - Enabling Security & Compliance

DevSecOps - Enabling Security & Compliance

Make your Kubernetes workloads safe with shift left approach and implementing the right security best practices for maximum productivity. With DevSecOps, empower your teams to innovate, collaborate, deliver code faster - securely.

  • -> Enabling role-based access to nodes, network segmentation, implementing of network policies, and automatic upgrades.
  • -> Enhancing security by integrating with open source and third-party tools, and continuous container scanning to detect and identify the threats on a near real-time basis.
  • -> With an effective secured environment, sign, scan, deploy packages, and administer clusters.
DevSecOps - Enabling Security & Compliance

Kubernetes Professional Support

Kubernetes Professional Support

Enterprise support from an experienced team of Kubernetes architects, & engineers to fix ANY configuration issues in your public, private clouds, or bare metal. This includes tooling like monitoring, proxy servers, networking, policy enforcement, etc.

  • -> Enabling observability and vulnerability scanning to detect issues in real-time before any impact on the business.
  • -> Be ready for any situation by implementing a Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery strategy.
  • -> Cost management by enabling cost reportings for business unit or executive level.
  • -> Assured assistance for regular Kubernetes updates, patches, and rapid releases.
Kubernetes Professional Support

Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes Training

Our Kubernetes consultants and architects enable your engineers with the skills they need for self sufficiently handling the all-new cloud native environment like a champ.

  • -> Kubernetes experts assist you in making the necessary cultural changes by implementing container best practices.
  • -> Coaching and enabling your team on how to containerize, deploy, and configure applications via Kubernetes training workshops.
  • -> Mastering Kubernetes concepts like networking, architecture, authentication, scaling, and storage to overcome daily challenges with no issues.
Kubernetes Training

We Understand the Nitty-Gritty!

Gain leverage with our proven artificial intelligence expertise & industry exposure. Working with 100+ clients, we know the criticalities, compliances & the importance of getting things right in the first go. Be it an enterprise with datacenters across the world or a rapidly scaling startup, we got it covered!

Technology, SaaS & Internet

Focus on integrating AI within your SaaS on the top of the cloud built for AI while we build & manage your GPU server for performance.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Modernize your system to streamline inspections, better resource monitoring, visualize data, and reduce operational costs.


Leverage the power of cloud GPU instances to process patient data at speed to adapt to the rapidly evolving healthcare demands.

Travel & Hospitality

Delight your customers with seamless operation & instant updates using cost-effective, flexible, and scalable system.

We Open Source

We believe open source enables anyone to create technologies for a better tomorrow. Our developers have been constantly contributing to cloud native projects including Kubernetes.

Sneak peek at our OSS contributions

We Open Source

Looking for Kubernetes Support?

Consult Kubernetes expert to help you fix critical issues & configurations, provide managed services and ongoing enterprise Kubernetes support.

Talk to a Kubernetes Expert

Why choose InfraCloud for Kubernetes Consulting Services?

 Certified Developers
Certified Developers

170 in-house engineers, including 4 CKS, 51 CKA & 19 Certified Kubernetes Application Developers.

 Domain Expertise
Domain Expertise

Implement the best practices that we have learned while working with 100+ clients.

 First Mover Advantage
First Mover Advantage

Partner with the first Kubernetes service provider in India and second in APAC.


Our training focuses on building knowledge of core concepts with practical experiences.

 CNCF Certified Provider
CNCF Certified Provider

InfraCloud is a proud CNCF Silver Member, and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP).

 Expand Easily
Expand Easily

With InfraCloud, easily scale up the team of engineers without the hassle of hiring or training.

Team with Diverse Set of Kubernetes Expertise

While working with more than 100+ customers, our certified Kubernetes consultants have gotten well versed in:

Ready to Transform your Business with Kubernetes?

Schedule a call with our K8s expert to understand how our Kubernetes consulting services can help you.

Trusted by 100+ companies worldwide

Got a question around Kubernetes Consulting?

When choosing a Kubernetes consulting partner, proof of the team’s expertise & experience with Kubernetes is important. InfraCloud is a Kubernetes Certified Service Partner (KCSP) and CNCF silver member. The team includes 4 CKS, 51 CKA & 19 Certified Kubernetes Application Developers who have worked with 100+ clients.

InfraCloud is one of the first Kubernetes service providers in India and the second in APAC. Plus one of the 1st CKA Engineers is from InfraCloud – which gives us an insight into the inner workings of Kubernetes.
We recommend startups embrace Kubernetes after discovering the product-market fit. This strategic timing ensures a seamless transition to a scalable infrastructure. Growing companies often encounter challenges related to operational costs and stability, signaling that it’s time for Kubernetes adaptation. Established organizations can migrate to Kubernetes as soon as they move to microservice-based architecture for faster product development and reliability.
Once you schedule a meeting with our CI/CD & DevOps experts ( using the contact page), our team will have a chat with you to gain a deeper understanding of your project, specific requirements, and goals. Then, we can arrange an appropriate engagement model like consulting, managed service, team expansion, and fixed-scope projects.

Once the SoW is agreed upon, our team will kick off the project, and keep you updated throughout through a dedicated communication channel.
Yes. Our team will help you with the cloud native Day 2 challenges that organizations often encounter related to observability, policies, security, scalability, and networking. We leverage the OSS ecosystem to offer the best solution for your cloud native day 2 needs.

With our cloud native and Kubernetes expertise, your team can confidently navigate the various operational challenges that peek up after implementation.
We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand each project is unique and demands a customized approach. After accessing your goals and requirements, our team will craft a tailored plan to precisely match your project’s needs and goals.

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