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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Consulting Services

Helping companies adopt SRE right from the roadmap, building best practices to successful SRE implementation.

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Why Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Consulting Services?

 Accelerate Software Delivery of Product & Feature Releases

Accelerate Product Delivery & Feature Releases

 Instill Stability in the Production Environment

Instill Stability in Production Environment

 Observability and Monitoring Stack Management

Observability & Monitoring Stack Management

 Complement DevOps Functions like CI and CD

Complements DevOps Functions (e.g. CI/CD)

 Provisioning and Managing IT Infrastructure using Automation

Provisioning & Managing IT Infra using Automation

 Better Cost Optimization and Capacity Planning

Better Cost Optimization & Capacity Planning

 Kubernetes Cluster and Storage Management

Kubernetes Cluster & Storage Management

 Security and Governance

Security & Governance

Our Site Reliability Engineering Consulting (SRE) Services Capabilities

Accelerating your Site Reliability Engineering adoption with the help of SRE Experts - right from roadmap to implementation.

SRE and DevOps Advisory

SRE and DevOps Advisory
  • -> Our SRE experts will carry out assessments and work closely with system administrators, build engineers, application architects, and development leads to understand the current tooling, automation, infrastructure, and observability of your system.
  • -> The team of consultants help you create the tool adoption roadmap in line with the industry best practices to address the pain points.
  • -> The SRE experts help you with benchmarking the SLO and SLI.
  • -> Set up and implement error budgets and error budget policies.
  • -> Our engineers are trained to follow the best practices in SRE.
SRE and DevOps Advisory

SDLC Automation, Managing Infrastructure and Apps Deployment

SDLC Automation, Managing Infrastructure and Apps Deployment
  • -> Our team of expert consultants automate the provisioning of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure resources.
  • -> Speed up the application development and delivery by adopting CI/CD.
  • -> The SRE experts help you with progressive delivery adoption for cloud native applications.
  • -> Our team can you help you with multi-cloud, Kubernetes and other container orchestration technologies with emphasis on configuration management, service discovery, deployment patterns, auto-scaling, and container operation.
SDLC Automation, Managing Infrastructure and Apps Deployment

Observability and Continuous Monitoring

Observability and Continuous Monitoring
  • -> SRE experts streamline the monitoring process of cloud-based applications and services.
  • -> Implement health checks across your entire IT infrastructure and application services.
  • -> Generate actionable in-depth reports to improve performance.
Observability and Continuous Monitoring

Debugging and Remediation of the Issues

Debugging and Remediation of the Issues
  • -> We help you setup the process to handle on-call and emergency support while maintaining the operational runbooks.
  • -> Sound Linux/Unix know-how and comprehensive troubleshooting practice.
  • -> Conduct detailed post-mortems on production issues.
Debugging and Remediation of the Issues

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
  • -> Automate the protection of your containerized applications with Kubernetes-optimized cloud native disaster recovery.
  • ->Design Chaos experiments to test the resilience of the production environments.
Disaster Recovery

Security, Governance & Cost Optimization

Security, Governance & Cost Optimization
  • -> Maintain compliance status like the GDPR or PCI DDS while working on the public cloud.
  • -> Conduct security audit to identify and fix the gaps to improve the overall security posture.
  • -> Accurate capacity planning(rightsizing).
  • -> Manage capacity with focus on cost analysis, reduced expenses, and cost management.
Security, Governance & Cost Optimization

Training for SRE Engineering Best Practices

Training for SRE Engineering Best Practices
  • -> We help you build self-sufficient teams by training them on SRE best practices.
  • -> We enable the teams to understand how SRE related to DevOps and what business benefits come with the use of SRE.
  • -> We will be creating training docs and helping build a knowledge base for the SRE practices.
Training for SRE Engineering Best Practices

We Understand the Nitty-Gritty!

Gain leverage with our proven expertise & industry exposure. Working with 100+ clients, we know the criticalities, compliances & the importance of getting things right in the first go. Be it an enterprise with datacenters across the world or a rapidly scaling startup, we got it covered!

Banking and Finance

Customers demand highly available & compliant systems to efficiently handle transactions & payment requests 24/7.

Technology, SaaS & Internet

Faster time to market, streamlined deployment & consistent autoscaling for optimal performance to improve customer experience.


Keep up with the rising customer expectations and integrate more technologies while reaching heights of a safer and sustainable future.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Modernize your system to streamline inspections, better resource monitoring, visualize data, and reduce operational costs.


Process patient data at speed with secure, compliant & reliable systems that adapt to rapidly evolving healthcare demands.

Travel & Hospitality

Delight your customers with seamless operation & instant updates using cost-effective, flexible, and scalable system.

Looking for Support with SRE Implementation?

Our team of experienced SRE consultants will help you optimize reliability, performance,and efficiency using the latest tools and SRE best practices.

Consult SRE Experts

Why choose InfraCloud for SRE Consulting Services?

 Certified Developers

Certified Developers

170 in-house engineers, including 4 CKS, 51 CKA & 19 Certified Kubernetes Application Developers (CKAD).

 Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Implement the SRE best practices that we have learned while working with 100+ clients.

 First Mover Advantage

First Mover Advantage

Partner with the first Kubernetes service provider in India and second in APAC.



Our training focuses on building knowledge of core concepts with practical experiences.

 CNCF Certified Provider

CNCF Certified Provider

InfraCloud is a proud CNCF Silver Member, and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP).

 Expand Easily

Expand Easily

With InfraCloud, easily scale up the team of engineers without the hassle of hiring or training.

Team with a Diverse Set of Technical Expertise

While working with more than 100+ customers, our CNCF certified consultants have gotten well versed in:

Our Partners in Technology

Ready to Get Started with SRE?

Schedule a call with our SRE expert to understand how our Site Reliability Engineering consulting services can help you.

Trusted by 100+ companies worldwide

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