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Revealing AAA framework & capability architecture map providing guidance to the software engineering teams tasked with building platforms.

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As per Gartner, 80% organizations are poised to leverage platforms by 2026 as these orgs believe that platform engineering is a critical driver for harnessing the full potential of DevOps. However, teams embarking on this journey of building a platform often find themselves at a crossroads - unclear about where to start from.

This eBook offers a solution to this common challenge & helps you gain a deeper understanding of platform engineering along with providing you with valuable resources to build a successful platform. In this book you’ll find:

  • -> AAA Framework: Our tried and tested approach to platform engineering that will serve as your foundation for building a reliable and scalable platform.
  • -> Maturity Questionnaires: Answer the questionnaire to discover what you truly need. Pair it with our suggested tools to start your platform journey.
  • -> Platform Capabilities: Learn about the crucial features and capabilities that your platforms should possess to support your DevOps initiatives.
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Testimonial Quote

“This eBook is a chest of practices and our learnings from various platforms that we’ve built for our clients along with our contributions to the CNCF Platform Maturity Model.

We want to empower teams to understand what goes into building a platform & how to get started. We would be happy to connect and chat about platform building and your journey so far.”

 Vishal Biyani - Founder & CTO

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