Serverless Function as a Service
for Kubernetes

Build applications based on Serverless architecture so that your developers can focus on code without worrying about the servers and cost.

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Run Serverless Functions Anywhere

Fission allows you to code serverless functions in any language and have them run wherever you have a Kubernetes cluster: in the public cloud, on-premises, on your laptop, or at the Edge.

Fission automatically manages the infrastructure for you. You can just focus on your code and get the most out of Kubernetes infrastructure, without requiring any in-depth knowledge of Kubernetes at scale, no containers to build or registries to manage.

Why Companies are Choosing Fission?

Focus on Code and not Plumbing

Developers can focus on writing the business logic while Fission takes care of building, deploying and managing the infrastructure.

Lambda like Service Anywhere

Do not get locked in your cloud provider and run the same serverless experience with Fission.


Alternative to cloud provider's Serverless offering, which is more economical and flexible to your needs.

Extensible and Customizable

Code in any language without worrying about the servers.

Calculate the Savings you get with Fission

Select the number of function invocations and see how much you can save with Fission over the other leading providers

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More than 100+ organizations are already adopted Fission for FaaS on Kubernetes







Fission Enterprise

Looking for implementing fission at your company and not sure how to proceed? We can help.


We help you design the Kubernetes cluster and supporting infrastructure for high availability and reliability for running event-driven applications. We work closely with your team to build the right architecture for scale and durability.


Deploy & Scale

We help you make your event-driven applications reliable that scale with your business. We help you build and setup SRE practices for your applications so that you won’t be paged in the middle of the night.

Deploy & Scale


We provide 24x7x365 support for production environments plus access to our invite-only slack channel. Get in touch with the committers of the project directly for any feature requests and design challenges.



Our training would help you learn how to use Kubernetes without knowing all the underlying complexity. This will enable you to write event-driven applications using Fission on Kubernetes.


Join the growing community
of Fission


Join the Fission community to engage with the fission team, interact with other users, and contribute ideas and feedback


Dive into the code learn more about Fission. Submit PRs and collaborate with others like-minded contributors.


Follow us @Fission to stay up date with Fission news.

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Let your developers focus on the code without worrying about the Kubernetes Clusters.