Accelerate Kubernetes adoption with InfraCloud Starter Packs

Accelerate Kubernetes adoption with InfraCloud Starter Packs

Girish Shilamkar
Girish Shilamkar

11 December 2018, Seattle USA.

InfraCloud Technologies helps companies adopt Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies. After developing solutions for customers, InfraCloud noticed some common challenges in adopting Kubernetes and developed starter packs. These starter packs are offerings which address keys challenges to accelerate the adoption of Kubernetes and these offerings are predefined in terms of scope and price. Currently, following starter packs are available, details of which will be available at Kubecon booth S/E39 as well.

1. CI/CD accelerator 2. Migrating applications to Kubernetes & functions 3. Highly Available Monitoring 4. Rightscaling applications and infrastructure 5. FaaS in enterprise 6. Service Mesh in enterprise 7. Security for multi-tenant clusters

The details of starter packs are detailed in the following sections.

CI/CD accelerator

CI/CD starter pack delivers a continuous delivery pipeline for deploying applications to Kubernetes using Helm. Up to 10 existing applications/microservices are converted to Helm chart and a CD pipeline is built with Jenkins. The Jenkins pipeline DSL code, Jenkins executor image with prebuilt plugins and InfraCloud helm chart conversion utility accelerate the process. This is a great starter pack for starting a CD effort or doing a pilot for the CD for your applications. This starter typically spans 6 weeks.

Migrating applications to Kubernetes & functions

The migration starter pack kick starts your journey to the cloud-native world. Kick off starts with an assessment of existing systems and a detailed recommendation report for migration to Kubernetes and functions. The migration covers setup of Kubernetes cluster, migration of up to five applications which can be lifted and shifted and up to two applications which need re-architecting. It also covers securing application secrets with a KMS. The pack spans 8 weeks and works great by combining with other packs to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Highly Available Monitoring

Highly available monitoring starter pack builds and deploys an HA monitoring solution for a Kubernetes cluster. It comes built with Prometheus installation, dashboards for metrics capped at hundred dashboards and back up of metric data to S3. You can also customize Prometheus installations per namespace or a group of services. The starter is delivered in 6 weeks.

Rightscaling applications and infrastructure

The goal of this starter pack is to optimize the infrastructure by scaling up/down to meet actual demand. The starter pack enables pod/application as well as nodes/cluster to autoscale. Applications can be scaled with core metrics (CPU, memory etc.) or custom metrics. Nodes/cluster is autoscaled by policies defined by business and application requirement. The end to end implementation takes 6 weeks.

FaaS in enterprise

FaaS on Kubernetes starter pack enables you to start using functions within your Kubernetes cluster using Fission framework. The pack includes setup, CI/CD, monitoring and coaching your development team to start using functions for specific use cases. We also build up to fifteen functions so that they give you a head start. The implementation lasts typically six weeks.

Service Mesh in enterprise

Service mesh pack includes an assessment of the right service mesh and enabling a service mesh in your cluster with up to five features such as SSL termination, traffic shifting etc. capped at twenty microservices. This is a great way to introduce service mesh in the existing cluster or try out a service mesh for a new project. Service mesh starter pack takes seven weeks.

Security for multi-tenant clusters

This starter pack begins with an assessment and audit of existing cluster for security issues. The second part introduces a role-based and secure way to handle secrets including rotation of secrets etc. using an encrypted secret store like Vault. The number of applications to be secured is capped at twenty-five. The starter pack is delivered in six weeks.

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