InfraCloud CTO’s talk at DevOps Days India 2016

InfraCloud CTO’s talk at DevOps Days India 2016

Vishal Biyani
Vishal Biyani

Vishal Biyani, InfraCloud CTO, was a speaker at DevOpsDays India

  1. He presented a talk on how Rancher – an open source container management platform makes Kubernetes management easier. The talk will demo key Kubernetes features which make containers production ready using Rancher. Talk also demonstrate native Kubernetes support in Rancher which makes the entire container operation enterprise ready. Kubernetes is Cluster resource manager and leader in container orchestration frameworks for deploying containers in production. A year ago the discussion was focussed more on Docker but these days the focus is container orchestration. Containers are been widely accepted now as unit of workload and deployment, but now people are uncovering the challenges in running these containers in production. Just containerising an application is not enough, given the ephemeral containers – service discovery, monitoring, logging are the challenges that need to be solved.

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  1. How Rancher adds various enterprise features to Kubernetes making containers “production cliff” safe

  2. Rancher value additions such as Automated deployment of unlimited number of Kubernetes clusters – Control User access for Kubernetes clusters – Intuitive GUI making Kubernetes very user friendly – Support cross zone, cloud or datacenter deployments – Application Catalogs – one click deployment of application stacks.

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