Master Shifu & His Cloud-Native Mentoring Sessions

Master Shifu & His Cloud-Native Mentoring Sessions

Vishal Biyani
Vishal Biyani

Let’s start with a quick introduction of InfraCloud Technologies, shall we? (Master Shifu here; yep, we’re going the Kung Fu Panda route!). In case you’re wondering, in this story, we also have the warrior panda and the furious…..many!

Now, shall we begin?

Master Shifu has been in Cloud-native technologies even before Kubernetes had reached 1.0 milestone and Kubernetes was just one of the contenders in the orchestration game (Master Shifu has grey cells too 🙂). But the tide turned quite quickly.

The power of the community behind Kubernetes ensured the quality and flexibility of the platform which led it to its explosion in mindshare and adoption over the next few years. We could not have been happier to be the first Kubernetes partner in India and second in APAC when the Kubernetes partnership program was announced in 2017.

Master Shifu witnessed the power of the community in addition to open source. In his own small way, he decided to build a local community and thus was born the Kubernetes Pune meetup in the holiday season of 2016. Now in 2020 a 1700+ strong and very well attended community of experienced engineers and enthusiasts (You can raise an “issue” here ).

Master Shifu was joined by furious five (Well the number is not exactly five, but hey you get the feeling, don’t you? 😉 ) who now combined run Docker Pune, PythonPune and you can see them speaking at various local conferences including the Kubernetes Forums 2020 and Kubernetes Days 2019.

cloud-native-meetup-pune kubernetes meetup

We also started doing our bit by supporting development of open source projects such as BotKube. He also lent a helping hand in improving and maintaining Fission.

Enough about us now isn’t it?

When the Kung Fu team would be at conferences and meetups, one question came up again and again from attendees: I am an enthusiast, how do I get into cloud-native technology professionally? Master Shifu, Warrior Panda, and Furious five had sleepless nights and kept thinking what more should we do? And “Talk-To-Us” was born!

So what is it you ask?

  • You are either a student or an experienced engineer who wants to switch and work in cloud-native technologies.
  • But you need some guidance, mentorship to get started. Potentially from someone who has been in trenches and knows what works well.
  • You want to get follow up help so that you are on course and meet your goal of working in cloud-native technologies.

You can book a short 1:1 session with one of our engineers and get mentored on how to build a career in cloud-native technologies.

Talk to us today!

Join us on the mission to share the knowledge and build a greater, stronger community by sharing this article who might find this useful.

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