How we Scaled 4x While Working Remotely

How we Scaled 4x While Working Remotely

Priya Sriram
Priya Sriram

The last two years were incredible for InfraCloud. We grew 4X even while everyone was switching to the new reality of remote work.

The best part: we did so without breaking our culture.

Curious to know how? Part 1 of this two-part series lists 5 of the ways we did this.

1. Super talent meets super onboarding

Virtual Onboarding

The first days for any new joinee can be a blur: so many processes, systems, projects, and technical topics! Our strength? We believe in hiring for potential talent and have a strong ramp-up plan.

Each neo-Infranaut is assigned an experienced, relevant mentor to ease their entry into the InfraCloud rocketship, along with a 30-60-90 day plan and Newbie Meets.

The result: new Infranauts get to feel at home faster AND get productive faster. Got talent to be an Infranaut? Check out our hiring page

Career image

2. We’re always listening, thanks to 360° feedback

Feedback image

Tired of not being heard in your organisation? At InfraCloud, we encourage everyone to speak up. 100% transparency and continuous feedback are in our cultural DNA. We religiously follow a monthly 1:1 routine along with quarterly quantitative feedback, which helps Infranauts keep track of their performances and discuss expectations. We encourage the team to be fearlessly candid during these discussions.

In a remote world, listening to each other has helped us scale our culture.

3. Co-ownership & next-level transparency

Twitter Transparency Message

Equally tiring is the secrecy in old-style organisations. Not InfraCloud, which is new-age and swears by candour and transparency. Our management openly discusses yearly goals, revenue targets, and quarter-wise progression. (The above tweet thread is by Girish, our CEO explaining more.) All Infranauts know where we are headed, with a sense of co-ownership. We’ve got strong ESOP and profit-sharing programs which motivate everyone to contribute more.

4. Infracore’s got our back

Infracore image

Who better to help understand the organization than those at its helm? Through InfraCore Connect sessions, neo-Infranauts can meet with InfraCloud leaders from across functions who together make up the InfraCore team. In these 15-minute sessions, a new joinee can discuss any topic of their choosing.

5. Connecting: worth it, but optional

Connect Sessions

InfraCloud is full of interesting people. But staying connected when working remotely can be overwhelming. Pre-2020, when we were co-located, activities like Fun Fridays, coffee meets, music and other internal meets for hobbyists made connecting easy. But with the shift to a virtual world, we streamlined our communication channels to introduce serendipitous interaction and asynchronous engagement.

The best part? Infranauts decide how much and how often they wish to connect. We can always choose not to join a meeting, unless necessary for a particular project milestone.

(Better than best: Infranauts enjoy meeting each other so much that most people opt to be part of these interactions.)

And so, InfraCloud officially became a “Great Place to Work”!


Growth can often come at the cost of greatness. Not at InfraCloud. In August 2021, we received the Great Place to Work certification. A sign that we were heading in the right direction. We couldn’t have done it without continued support and participation from every proud Infranaut.

Interested in taking your career to new heights with a team of energetic colleagues? See the positions currently open at InfraCloud.

Next, stay tuned for the Part 2: Find out about the 6 more things that brought delight to Infranauts and made InfraCloud a “Great Place to Work”.

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