Building a Cloud Native Software Defined Storage Platform

Building a Cloud Native Software Defined Storage Platform

Client Details

  • A leader in Software-Defined Storage. 
  • Used by 30 of Fortune500 companies 
  • Avoids cloud vendor lock-in and provides an innovative solution.

Solution & Services

  • Infracloud engaged in developing, optimizing, and scaling the deployment pipeline and doing product engineering to extend the team’s product development. 

  • Due to the nature of the product – deployment and validation tasks were long-running, and a failure would cause delays. 
  • We wrote the testing & validation suite in Go lang and extensively used Behavior Driven development (BDD testing). 
  • We tested The UI of the product using Selenium. 
  • All the tests also validated conformance to standards such as libopenstorage
  • We tested all the supported flavors of the operating systems with each product release on each of the clouds. 
  • Terraform & Vagrant were was used to provision machines and Jenkins to orchestrate the flow 
  • The product needed validation on various clouds – AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, and an on-premise KVM on every product release. 
  • The solution provisioned machines across these platforms in a consistent manner with automated tooling. 

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