Orchestration Integration for Release Automation Product

Orchestration Integration for Release Automation Product

Client Details

The customer is an ISV with multiple products for accelerating software development lifecycle.

Executive Summary

New capabilities were built into product to deploy and manage Microservices by integrating with orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes, Azure Container Service, AWS ECS etc.


Customer wanted to build a PoC to demonstrate that a uniform application model can be designed for various container orchestration frameworks Container platforms have disrupted the traditional continuous deployment pipelines and customer wanted to ensure to quickly adapt to new realities.

  • Quick prototyping and build minimal viable feature for executive team approval. Needed to architect integration/plugins for various container orchestration frameworks.
  • After building a PoC, build entire feature/plugin for Google Container Engine (GKE), Mesosphere/Marathon, Azure Container Service, AWS ECS, native Kubernetes support etc.
  • Integrated Docker security scan product APIs into the Release Automation Product.

Release Automation Product


  • InfraCloud’s in-depth knowledge of container ecosystem helped gain customer’s trust in prototype phase.
  • Minimal viable product was built with two orchestrator engines within 2 months for customer demo.
  • Our experience in product engineering services also helped in quickly understanding the product codebase and build the plugins.
  • Plugins to integrate Kubernetes, Mesosphere Marathon, Azure Container Service, AWS ECS were developed.

Why InfraCloud?

  • Our long history in programmable infrastructure space from VMs to containers give us an edge.
  • We are one of the cloud native technology thought leaders (speakers at various global CNCF conferences, authors, etc.).
  • DevOps engineers who have pioneered DevOps at Fortune 500 companies.
  • Our teams have worked from data center to deploying apps and across all phases of SDLC, bringing a holistic view of systems.

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