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Innovation in infrastructure has changed the way software is built, deployed and its architecture as well. InfraCloud founders have deep expertise in Cloud & DevOps products and services. We consciously decided to focus on container technologies very early on due to its wide impact on Cloud & DevOps, and this has led to building deep expertise in Cloud Native Technologies. Microservices architecture, containerized applications and orchestrating these containerized services are three main aspects of Cloud Native Computing.

InfraCloud is a silver member of CNCF and a sponsor at Kubecon 2018 NA in Seattle. We have engineers on the team who are CKA and CKAD certified. We also have team members who are speakers on Cloud Native technologies as listed on CNCF website (

Cloud-native technologies span various areas of scalable and resilient systems, for example, to list a few:

  • Cloud Native Storage & CSI
  • Cloud Native Networking & CNI
  • Function as a Service (FaaS) and Serverless
  • API gateway and Service Meshes
  • Cloud providers
  • OSB and cloud integrations
  • CRD, controllers and Kubernetes native applications

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Kubernetes Kasten disaster recovery blog featured image-1200px Cloud Native TechnologiesKubernetesOperations
July 15, 2020

Kubernetes Disaster Recovery using Kasten K10 platform

This blog post explores the K10 data management platform by Kasten. The platform functions as a way to perform backup/restore of Kubernetes applications and their volumes. This is specially useful…
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May 22, 2020

Packaging Cloud-native Applications With Gravity

How do you deliver your SaaS product in a restricted on-premise environment as identical as it is in the cloud? As a vendor how can you deliver cloud-native solutions in…
PLG vs EFK Stack Kubernetes Cloud Native TechnologiesKubernetesMonitoring
May 18, 2020

Logging in Kubernetes: EFK vs PLG Stack

With ever-increasing complexity in distributed systems and growing cloud-native solutions, monitoring and observability become a very important aspect in understanding how the systems are behaving. There is a need for…

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