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Helping enterprises adopt foundational technologies and scale in cloud-native world

Software architecture and deployment has been disrupted by cloud native computing. A rich and evolving landscape of cloud native computing makes it a daunting task for enterprises to keep pace with. We help enterprises adopt these foundational technologies to be future ready than be disrupted.


We have been building transformational technologies in cloud-native space with our product engineering services. This provides us with an edge in solving enterprise problems with cloud-native technologies. We have extensive partnerships with cloud-native technologies vendors to facilitate modernization of your applications and infrastructure. Our key partnerships enable deep product expertise and support from vendors.

Open Source Tech

Open Source is the future for enterprise software. It is easy to acquire, quality is always improving due to community contribution and help is readily available. We have been active contributors to open source projects in cloud-native space.



Our team has deep experience in solving enterprise complexities. The leadership has decades of experience in domains of Cloud, DevOps, High Performance Computing, and proven track record of technology consulting.


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