Infranaut Stories

Experience the InfraCloud culture straight from the Infranauts (featuring the past Infranauts who still vouch for it) 🚀

vinayak shinde employee testimonial

Vinayak Shinde
Software Engineer(ex-Infranaut)

The first time I came to know about InfraCloud as a company was through the Kubernetes & Cloud Native meetup organized in Pune. After joining InfraCloud, I learned so many cutting-edge cloud-native technologies in a very short period of time.

You get mentored excellently by Girish & Vishal on technology, career as well as personal front. Many times, I got a chance to showcase myself to the community whether by writing a blog about cool technology or being a speaker at local meetup groups.

At InfraCloud, enthusiastic colleagues around you are always an inspiration for you to be on top of your work. There is no hierarchy in the company, you can directly reach out to CEO or CTO of the company and the good thing is they will always listen to your problem and try to find a solution for it.  I would definitely recommend InfraCloud, for anybody who wants to join the bandwagon of Cloud-Native Technologies and Kubernetes.

pooja dhoot employee testimonial

Pooja  Dhoot
Sr. Software Engineer

I joined InfraCloud as DevOps Engineer.

Being a working mother to my lovely daughter, I was unsure how would I strike balance between work and personal life as I wanted to do justice to my career and daughter at the same time. And after a few days of joining, I realized that I have landed at the correct place that gives me ample opportunities to learn and grow plus flexible working hours.

Guidance and expertise of InfraCloud leaders have been top-grade and I feel lucky to be surrounded by such a talented pool of people. Working with the client has been another amazing experience. Though client assignments have been extremely challenging, I think I have been doing good as I definitely like challenges as that keeps me going and motivated to constantly raise my bar.

My hunger for learning will never stop as I love hunting my own potential. I like myself to be called as Infranaut.


Mahendra Bagul
Sr. Software Engineer

I joined InfraCloud as a Senior Software Engineer in Oct 2019 with zero experience in containers and cloud-native technologies. I am more like an individual contributor working on top-notch technologies such as Kubernetes, NodeJS, gRPC, GoLang, and many others.

Before joining InfraCloud, for approx 6 years I worked around Full Stack Development using Java (Spring EcoSystem), NodeJs, ReactJs. I also created a few Voice Applications for Google Home and Amazon Alexa using Google Actions and Alexa Skills respectively. I had developed 14 microservices single-handedly using Spring Boot and AWS Services for a telecom client, winning clients’ hearts.

Been traveled to two countries in my last job for short assignments, I noticed the wave of DevOps and enthusiasm of Cloud-Native Technologies. I wanted to try something new (not just creating rest services and then adding UI code to access rest services).

One of my ex-colleague (connected on LinkedIn) was with InfraCloud at that time. He used to share posts on LinkedIn about the work he and his team were doing. Someone working on Kubernetes in Pune and doesn’t know about InfraCloud is as rare as hen’s teeth.

I also wanted to start playing with the beast Kubernetes as we all know its generating lots of buzz for the last few years. Vishal’s (CTO @ InfraCloud) post (liked by my ex-colleague) was that push I needed and messaged Vishal on LinkedIn. In a few minutes, I got a reply from him and my resume was processed on the same day. Soon, I was interviewed and I received an offer in two days. I was really impressed by the team’s response.

InfraCloud has got brilliance in cloud-native space. When I joined InfraCloud, I had zero experience in Docker, Kubernetes. Infranauts have always pitched in and helped me from time to time and I can comfortably work on Kubernetes and Docker today.

I remembered my first assignment i.e. Gitlab-Crossplane Integration, it was my first open-source contribution. I had no experience in a single technology used for that integration. Luckily and collaboratively (Infranauts helped me a lot) I was able to finish up the assignment on time and it was showcased at San Diego, KubeConf Nov 2019. My joy knew no bounds, i was on cloud 7 and that’s how I got comfortable with cloud 😛 HAHA.

InfraCloud truly believes in “Knowledge has no value unless you use and share it” through meetups.

Being small in numbers, we all are friends (after office too). Our bond strengthens with every celebration and to be honest, InfraCloud doesn’t need a reason to celebrate the moments, be it a Festival Celebrations, Birthday Cakes, Post Certification Parties, Women’s Day Celebration and what not. Being a technology company, we are always occupied by the toughest problems but the HR team leaves no stone unturned in mitigating the burden we carry.

To put it simply, I love working at InfraCloud. I would recommend each one of you out there.

In my spare time, I love binge-watching content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar. A Huge fan of Dean Winchester (Supernatural TV Series), Harvey Specter (Suits), and Jeetu (TVF).

harshit mahajan employee testimonial

Harshit Mahajan
Software Engineer

At the time I joined InfraCloud, coming from one MNC the impression was only too much workload and everyone will only care about work irrespective of working hours😵.
The day I joined as expected I come to know about some super talented people who are an all-rounder in terms of technology working on the super complex problem means a really good chance to learn a lot😍, what I did not expect was the respect of work, mutual understanding, especially no micromanagement, timesheets and no other managerial overheads.
It’s all about following the passion comparatively more freedom😎. simply here everything is more flexible that enhances my productivity as well as makes me feel proud of my contributions.
Here, All-Hands is not just about long motivating lectures, but short and more exciting related to what is going on in terms of clients and employees, and what is being decided to enhance. make me feel an important and responsible person in the company😇.
I have so much pride in working on super complex problems with a bunch of like-minded peoples. Everyone comes together👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 in outings😄, gaming sessions🎮, etc irrespective of kind of work or project. Best Place to work✌

chandraprakash bhati testimonial infracloud

Chandraprakash (CP) Bhati
Business Development

I joined InfraCloud more than 2 years ago in the business development role and since then it has been an exciting journey. I joined InfraCloud because of the niche expertise they provide when it comes to Cloud-native technologies especially Kubernetes.
I have always worked in startups and I’m quite aware of the startup ecosystem and culture, but till date, the culture at InfraCloud is one of the best that I have seen, as we are able to take initiatives on our own, there is a lot of freedom and trust from the founders when it comes to your work and work-life balance.
There are 1:1 sessions, all-hands meetings, fun Fridays, hackathons, and we even celebrate small wins and everyone is appreciated for their work at InfraCloud. With some of the best engineering minds working around you you tend to learn more and achieve more in your career.
My decision to join InfraCloud has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career. Happy to be part of this rocket-ship.

harhsal shah testimonial

Harhsal Shah
Solutions Architect (ex-Infranaut)

I joined InfraCloud at the very beginning and from that time itself, I found myself always learning new things. The mentorship I received while working with InfraCloud really helped me develop further.

There is also a lot of autonomy while working on various assignments.

InfraCloud is a place where you get to work on cutting edge technologies with an awesome team of colleagues who are always ready to help. With a great working environment and employee-friendly policies, being an Infranaut has been a wonderful experience for me.

gaurav gahlot testimonial infracloud

Gaurav Gahlot
Product Engineer

Docker B’day, yeah, that’s when I met InfraCloud folks for the first time.

It’s hard to describe, but I had this strong feeling that I will be working with them one day. A few months later I joined InfraCloud 🙂 and a new journey began.

At InfraCloud, people like what they do, and they do what they like. A place with nerds who are best at what they do. Be it tech, community contributions, or memes, we enjoy everything 😃. It may sound cheesy, but I have learned something new every single day at InfraCloud.

Infranauts believe in the core values of InfraCloud. The leadership and transparency at InfraCloud are the key factors that make us what we are. Not even a year at InfraCloud and I can tell, I am much more confident than ever. It has been an astonishing journey so far, and I’m sure it will endure. 🙂

omkar joshi testimonial

Omkar Joshi
Sr. Software Engineer (ex-Infranaut)

I worked in InfraCloud Technologies for a little over 2 years. I joined the organization when it was quite young. During my time there, I was afforded numerous learning opportunities in product design and development which helped me grow as a software engineer.

The work culture (working hours/WFH etc.) was flexible which really helped me during a family emergency situation. The team at InfraCloud is young and dynamic and so there were several initiatives throughout the year including Hackathons where engineers got an opportunity to build a brand new product.

Weekly Wednesday meetings for knowledge sharing were targeted toward improving collaboration among engineers

My overall experience there was very positive and I wish all the best to InfraCloud team for the future.

pratik shah employee testimonial infracloud

Pratik Shah
Software Engineer

I started at InfraCloud as a Software Engineer around 4 years back. The opportunities in InfraCloud helped me understand the requirements to become a better software engineer. Work culture in InfraCloud is very flexible which helps to manage your personal and professional life.

Mentors in InfraCloud are true leaders as they encourage you to learn new technologies. All team members are best at what they do and are ready to help you. Being an Infranaut has been a wonderful journey of my professional career.

bhavin gandhi testimonial

Bhavin Gandhi
Software Engineer

I joined InfraCloud 2 years back as a Software Engineer. This is my first full-time job and I always wanted to work with bleeding-edge stuff around cloud-native technologies. I used to travel to Pune just to attend meetups, that’s how I came to know about InfraCloud.

It has been a real rocket-ship for me. Be it technical or in-person skills, I can see a lot of improvement in myself. The challenges and responsibilities I get are crucial contributors to this personal growth.

At InfraCloud, the leadership is very open to the feedback and there is no hierarchy as such, to influence our thoughts. One can participate in helping other teams, processes, etc. With the transparency in whatever decisions are made, you get an opportunity to be a part of organizational growth. InfraCloud has quickly become a family of friends who are always excited about conferences, Free/Libre, and Open Source Software.

sanket sudake tesimonial

Sanket Sudake
Technical Lead

I joined InfraCloud team as an early engineer where we were 4-5 people team. Its been an exciting journey since then. As an early engineer, I have covered different areas not only engineering, seen a lot of things very closely where the company has been growing rapidly.

I am fortunate to become part of the growth engine at InfraCloud.

You get an environment where you can grow, your own end to end deliverable and you have the freedom to make your own judgment with correct guidance and without fear of failure. With long term focus and emerging partners, I am doubtless about the journey of InfraCloud.

yusuf kanchawala testimonial infracloud

Yusuf Kanchawala
Technical Lead (ex-Infranaut)

The work culture at InfraCloud helped me become a multi-faceted engineer. My work experience at InfraCloud transformed me as an engineer.

At Infracloud, you learn and work on the latest and hottest tech in the industry (Kubernetes, Serverless, cloud-native technologies, etc.) with the newest languages (Golang, etc) and stacks. InfraCloud nurtures all the important aspects of a modern-day software engineer. At InfraCloud you will be constantly encouraged to contribute to opensource technologies, write blogs, submit talks to various local, national, and global conferences.

Apart from that the weekly hands-on knowledge sharing sessions give every engineer an insight into what their peers are working on, there are weekly sessions to discuss the best engineering practices in the industry. Regular hackathons help you gain the confidence to build something useful real fast. Colleagues are really helpful, go out of their way to help one another!

InfraCloud is blessed with visionary founders and an extraordinarily talented set of engineers with the best work attitude!

anubhav singh infracloud testimonial

Anubhav Singh
Software Engineer

I joined the InfraCloud team a year ago. This is the first time I am working in a startup and never thought it would be so much fun. I started with no background in Golang and with little knowledge of cloud technologies. With people to help me out I learned Golang and cloud-native technologies and still learning.

With good people around you, you always get the motivation to learn more and more. Infracloud provides freedom and the environment to learn skills. With hackathon, we get to think on our feet to find solutions for problems we faced or something we want to develop on our own.

It’s great working with InfraCloud Technologies.

Want to join the InfraCloud Rocket-ship?