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InfraCloud is a proud CNCF Silver Member and Kubernetes certified service provider. Most of the Infranaut engineers are Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) contributing towards the Open Source Community.

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Fission is a serverless platform for Kubernetes – and enables a AWS lambda like easy experience for anyone new to Kubernetes platform. Vishal has built many new areas of Fission such as “new deployment executor” which enabled auto scaling of functions, JVM environment for Java functions, Kafka integration, open tracing support etc.

Language: Go

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BotKube - Opensourced by InfraCloud

The BotKube Slack app helps you monitor your Kubernetes cluster, debug deployments and run specific checks on resources in the cluster.

botkube multicluster

tinkerbell bare metal

tinkerbell bare metal


Provision and manage bare metal, anywhere.

Tinkerbell is a bare metal provisioning engine. It consists of four components: BOOTS, OSIE, TINK, and HEGEL.

Tinkerbell has three major components: a DHCP server (boots), a workflow engine (tinkerbell), and a metadata service (hegel). The workflow engine is comprised of a server and a CLI, which communicate over gRPC. The CLI is used to create a workflow along with its building blocks, templates, and targets.

root operator OSS

yugabyte rook operator OSS

Yugabyte Rook Operator

YugabyteDB is a distributed SQL database. Rook is an CNCF sandboxed project which provides control plane orchestration for storage providers. InfraCloud was involved in designing and building a Kubernetes operator for YugabyteDB with Rook as the control plane.

This allows users to use Rook + YugabyteDB as an incluster cloud native storage solution for Kubernetes in order to run stateful workloads.

Language: Golang


Crossplane Support as Gitlab Managed Apps

Gitlab allows a single click installation of managed applications on a connected kubernetes cluster. Gitlab managed apps allow easy provisioning and lifecycle management of frameworks and tools on the cluster which can be used in the gitlab autodevops practice. Support for Crossplane to be installed as a managed app along with the changes needed for autodevops to consume a Postgres instance provisioned by Crossplane were added by InfraCloud.
A challenging project (newer areas with crossplane) and with a tight deadline, this was successfully executed and was also announced at the Day 0 event, MultiCloudCon of KubeCon 2019, SanDiego.

Language: Ruby, Helm

crossplane hero

kanister framework OSS



Kanister is a framework for data management on Kubernetes. Using the extensible Kubernetes API, a workflow designer can define application specific data management workflows. InfraCloud has had several contributions to the Kanister project from adding support for Kanister in several other tooling as well as developing the Kanister operator for kubernetes.

Language: Golang

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Jaeger – OpenTracing Python client

Jaeger open tracing’s python client had some missing features which were needed by a customer. We developed those features and got them merged into the jaeger python client.

Language: Python



ElectricFlow – Integrations

ElectricFlow is a product which enables large organizations to do release management & DevOps better. The tool was traditionally built for deploying applications to VMs and around 2017 added support for Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere. InfraCloud team worked on plugins for Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, OpenShift.

We also added support for provisioning cluster in GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), AKS (Azure Container Service). Currently only Docker plugin is open source and rest of plugins are available for commercial buyers of the platform.

Language: Groovy


Calico Kubernetes Controllers

The Kubernetes controllers for project calico were re-written from Python to Go for solving some issues with existing design. InfraCloud engineers worked on early stage of the project and built up the first version.

Language: Go




This project is OpenStorage’s implementation for clustered environments which enables CSI (Common Storage Interface) in Kubernetes.

Language: Go


GoBot – Go library for Robotics

InfraCloud enhanced the Gobot library for working with Ollie and demoed at the stall we had at AI Dev Days

Go Bot demo


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Openstack Omni

Omni project provides Openstack API for multiple clouds so you can manage instances from multiple clouds. This project was initiated by Platform9 Inc. and is part of openstack now. Two of InfraCloud engineers are top 2 contributors to the project.

Language: Python

eBook: Deploying and Scaling Kubernetes with Rancher

InfraCloud in early days wrote an ebook on “Deploying and Scaling Kubernetes with Rancher”, which is one of the most popular books on Kubernetes & Rancher. It is available for free to download.

Download eBook

kubernetes ebook

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