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tinkerbell bare metal

What is Tinkerbell?

tinkerbell datacenter

Tinkerbell is a bare metal provisioning engine, built and maintained by the team at Packet. Tinkerbell consists of four components: boots, OSIE, tink, and hegel.

Standardize infrastructure and application management using the same API-centric, declarative configuration and automation approach pioneered by the Kubernetes community.

Why use Tinkerbell?

Run Anywhere
Declarative approach for Bare metal Provisioning
Bare Metal Experts (Packet) Driving Community
Designed for Scalability

Journey of Tinkerbell

  • The Art of Perfection
    Packet has perfected the art of bare metal provisioning over years with a success ratio averaging at 98%.
  • Sharing the ❤
    Packet wanted to share the success they had with broader community by open sourcing what they built. They were looking for a partner with deep ethos in OpenSource and here is where we had a match InfraCloud ❤ Packet
  • Exciting Journey begins..
    InfraCloud engineers worked closely with Packet’s engineers to be part of this exciting journey of ❤ for bare metal!
  • Join us in this Journey..
    This is just the beginning - and a lot is to be done in this journey - with you dear community!