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InfraCloud’s consulting services are focussed on helping you adopt cloud-native technologies where we modernize your software and infrastructure stack to unlock velocity. We have rich experience even building cloud-native technologies, hence a perfect partner for adopting them.


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OPA Vs gatekeeper blog 1200x628 social featured image KubernetesOpen Policy Agent
October 27, 2020

OPA and Gatekeeper : OPA or Gatekeeper?

In the last couple of posts, I wrote about Open Policy Agent (OPA). People almost always ask one question  - what is the difference between OPA and Gatekeeper when it…
Zebrium blog by Anjul social post DevOpsLogging and MonitoringMachine learning
October 10, 2020

Autonomous Log Monitoring and Incident Detection with Zebrium

Why do we need Autonomous Log Monitoring? Everything fails, all the time - Werner Vogels, Amazon As the Amazon CTO once quoted, systems even if they are thoughtfully designed with the…
Using Terraform to Provision a YugabyteDB Cluster social DevOpsInfrastructure As Code
October 9, 2020

Using Terraform to Provision a YugabyteDB Cluster

This blog post is written by Infranaut - Bhavin Gandhi for Yugabyte. HashiCorp’s Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool as well as a framework. It is used for…

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