Harnessing vCluster for Developer Efficiency

48 mins
Harnessing vCluster for Developer Efficiency

About the webinar

Software development practices have undergone transformative shifts over the years and even more with the emergence of platform engineering. It is a strategic response to the complexities involved in traditional development practices. With a focus on developers and their environments, platform engineering introduces systematic practices by understanding the dynamic nature of environments in platforms. It helps cultivate an ecosystem where developers can innovate, collaborate, and navigate the challenges of the development journey seamlessly.

With over 40% of organizations actively leveraging platforms to take charge of their dev, test, and production environments, the shift toward platform engineering is evident. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll explore platforms using virtual clusters within Kubernetes environments, examining their impact on improving developer efficiency. Additionally, we’ll integrate the vCluster tool into the platform, providing an insightful overview of its role in facilitating the creation of virtual clusters for diverse environment setups.

Key takeaways

  • Understand how virtualization can help engineers achieve isolated & secure environments without configuring complex Kubernetes setups.
  • Develop platforms that support engineers to reproduce customizable & scalable environments swiftly.
  • Explore the role of virtualization tools like vCluster, discovering their functionalities and how they contribute to developer efficiency.
  • Learn about challenges and opportunities for platform engineering due to hybrid cloud environments.

Meet the Speakers

Atulpriya Sharma
Atulpriya Sharma
Sr. Dev Advocate @ InfraCloud

Manual tester turned developer advocate. He talks about Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Platform Engineering & DevOps to help other developers and organizations adopt cloud native. He is also a CNCF Ambassador and the organizer of CNCF Hyderabad.

Kurt Madel
Kurt Madel
Sr. Solutions Architect @ Loft Labs

With 20+ years of experience, Kurt is a driven technologist passionate about emerging technology. Formerly at Capital One, he developed APIs for Apple Pay & led their REST API initiative, streamlining CI/CD processes. At CloudBees, he enabled the entire global Sales Engineering team to optimize software delivery.

Vishal Biyani
Vishal Biyani
CTO & Founder @ InfraCloud

Vishal is an engineer and loves helping companies transform their business by using technology and coaching people. He is a contributor to Fission, Fast and Simple Serverless Functions for Kubernetes and is organizer of “Pune Kubernetes & CNCF Meetup”.

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