6 Things That Brought Delight to Infranauts

6 Things That Brought Delight to Infranauts

Priya Sriram
Priya Sriram

In 2021, InfraCloud scaled rapidly as we raced from 35 to 150 Infranauts on board. Our exponential growth is both led by and the result of a keen focus on our culture.

Read Part 1 of this two-part blog post to know how we scaled 4x while working remotely and become a “Great Place to Work”.

Part 2 gives you a sneak peek into 6 more of our initiatives that bring joy to Infranauts. Read on!

1. The wall of fame

Wall of Fame

Infranauts can climb new heights - and their pics literally do. Our rewards and recognition programs are designed to appreciate exceptional work and value-based initiatives by an individual, striving to delight clients or even co-Infranauts. Awardees are applauded for their contribution and find a place on our ‘Wall of Fame’. Follow InfraCloud’s LinkedIn page to find out who are the latest faces on the Wall.

2. Going for goal with our quarterly themes

Quarterly Theme

Every quarter, Infranauts give their best to achieve an organization-wide goal based on a shared theme. It brings the team together and renews our bond.

One such theme was “Fit Fataang”. A fitness theme that encouraged everyone to choose a personal fitness practice and a personal goal, and to showcase their progress with the company. The average fitness of Infranauts soared, through spot competitions, weekly goals, remote marathons, guided meditation sessions, morning yoga sessions, and desktop exercises. Infranauts made each other proud by smashing their goals.

Life goals FTW!

Career image

3. Mind matters

Your Dost

Let’s stay with fitness. The last two years have shown us all that not only is Health == Wealth, but this also includes mental health.

Our minds have to be in the right place before we can bring our best selves to work. So, we’ve tied up with a mental wellness organization called YourDOST. Infranauts have access to a platform to consult professionals on topics like mental wellness, maintaining professional relations, dealing with personal problems, as well as career-related counselling.

At InfraCloud, we’re mindful about mental health.

4. Let there be delight!

Let there be Delight

Who doesn’t like gifts? But gifting at InfraCloud is more than an experience. After all, delight is one of our four core values. So a lot of thought goes into our employee gifts to ensure delight.

For instance, to celebrate our success in meeting FY 2020-21 targets, we designed a hamper based on a quarterly theme of fitness. All its contents were carefully chosen so that our Infranauts could relate to and realize the importance of being fit.

We also celebrate with gifts, all of our Infranauts’ lifetime milestones – such as a newborn in the family, wedding, and birthdays.

5. Growing by giving back

Growing by giving back- Yuwa

Spreading delight is as delightful as receiving it! Our approach to delight includes helping others outside the InfraCloud ecosystem thrive. One such example is Yuwa, a non-profit that helps underprivileged girls in the Indian state of Jharkhand use sports and education to build a future for themselves. We’ve partnered with them to help them towards their mission. More on this in a future post.

6. Celebrate in style

Celebrate in Style

At both company and function levels, we track two major types of goals:

🟢 Green Goal: We can achieve it with a little bit of a stretch
💚 Super Green Goal: A mega-challenge that needs a massive stretch to make it

And when we meet these goals, we love to celebrate and we like to make it big!

Like when we hit FY 2020-21’s goals. We celebrated Infranauts’ Day with a sumptuous dinner and hosted several star celebrities. The festivities opened with the Guinness Book record holder and magician Suhani Shah performing a spell-binding mentalist act for us. This was followed by actor and comedian Naveen Richard entertaining us with his stand-up. The evening then concluded on a high note with a magical musical performance by guitarist Himanshu Salunke.

And if we hit our FY 2021-22 goals, we are off…

On our way to Goa

…on a cruise to Goa!

No kidding. We’ve already aced our 🟢Green Goal for the year. But if we ace our 💚Super Green Goal, we’ll be off to on a cruise to Goa.

Will you make it to Goa with us in 2022? We’re looking for more hands on deck! Click this link to see the positions currently open at InfraCloud.

Next, read our CEO’s post on our values

In 2021, we redefined our core purpose and values for more alignment. Read about this in InfraCloud CEO Girish Shilamkar’s article.

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