Edge Computing: Alexa Talks to Ollie

Edge Computing: Alexa Talks to Ollie

Vishal Biyani
Vishal Biyani

It is an exciting time to be in the field of computing. What we have seen in last few years to half a decade is nothing short of a transformation in history. Edge computing is possible today like never before with advances in ML, speech/image recognition and powerful and small devices!

**Small & smart devices: **Raspberry Pi started as an educational project but succeeded far beyond its original target market (Reference 1 & 2). Similar single-board devices have been equally successful. Development of libraries in languages like Nodejs, python for these devices further reduced the barrier to entry for developers and enthusiasts. I personally see it as the second coming of hardware revolution, coupled with other development which only help the cause.

Intelligent interfaces: When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007, he started a new era of interfacing with mobile and as he said it: “We are all born with the ultimate pointing device—our fingers—and iPhone uses them to create the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse.” The same can be said about our voice, gestures etc. The revolution has only continued and what we saw in Starwars, has finally come to a reality.

Machine learning: Let me be honest, it might sound like I am selling snake oil, but I used the overloaded title term to generally mention advances in NLP, voice & image recognition. Advances in these areas coupled with “cloud” scale applications have enabled a number of use cases and applications not imagined before.

Meet us & see it live!

We assembled these technologies and built a solution to demonstrate the use of technology. You can take a look at teaser video below and go through architecture diagram below. We will also be making the source code open with details soon, keep watching the space.

Ai Dev Days Bangalore – 9th March 2018

We will be presenting a game at AI Dev Days to be held in Bangalore on 9 & 10th March based on above concept. You can watch the teaser video here:

Gophercon Pune – 10th March 2018

Gophercon is a Go language focused conference taking place at Pune on 9 & 10th March. Sanket Sudake from InfraCloud will be presenting a session on the same solution and talk about using Golang for the same. As a bonus Vishal Biyani be presenting how to effectively use Go-client for Developing Kubernetes native applications.


Here is an architecture diagram representing how the whole thing works:

Using Raspberry pi, Alexa & Ollie to demonstrate Edge


I can’t contain my excitement when I am doing some exciting stuff at work. We are always looking for passionate and excellent engineers who love to build and break stuff. Feel free to chat with us or drop in to our office and explore if we can do something fun together!

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