InfraCloud is the 1st Kubernetes Partner in India & only other in APAC

InfraCloud is the 1st Kubernetes Partner in India & only other in APAC

Girish Shilamkar
Girish Shilamkar

We at InfraCloud are passionate about containers and it’s potential of how it has been changing the way software is built and delivered. But always felt that something is amiss and how do you solve the challenges of managing these containers, coping up with the ephemerality of containers and overall a need for a clustering solution.

Somewhere around early summer 2016, it was becoming quite clear that Kubernetes will be that platform. And in the recent survey by InfoWorld just coronated the framework. The maturity shown by Docker to donate containerd further bolstered the container community to be successful in long term.

Looking to adopt Kubernetes or related day 2 operations (monitoring, upgrading & patching, securing, maintaining high availability)? do talk to one of our Kubernetes experts.

We started to work on Kubernetes since early days of InfraCloud with getting Prometheus template to run on it. And an ebook on deploying and scaling Kubernetes followed, response to which further validated our belief in Kubernetes as a platform. Since then we have contributed to Rancher Kubernetes code, frameworks around the Kubernetes platform, CI/CD implementations using Kubernetes and implementing Kubernetes in production.

Since December 2016 we started building local interest in Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing by founding and organizing local meetups. And have been talking and conducting workshops on Kubernetes and Kubernetes related frameworks at various conferences like DevOps Days India 2016, Bangalore Container Conference 2017, RootConf 2017 and Container Camp 2017.

InfraCloud is Kubernetes Partner

And today when we are about to start an exciting week at DockerCon 2017 we are glad to announce we have been accepted as Kubernetes Partner, the first in India and only other in APAC region. We are extremely excited about this new development and continue our focus on building community and helping organizations adopt Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing. You can check us out on the partner page on Kubernetes portal as well.

InfraCloud is a proud Kubernetes India and APAC Partner. Learn more about InfraCloud’s Cloud Native and Kubernetes capabilities and how we’re helping companies with their cloud native journey.

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