Launching: InfraCloud Managed Services for Kubernetes

Launching: InfraCloud Managed Services for Kubernetes

Vishal Biyani
Vishal Biyani

Today I am excited to announce the launch of InfraCloud managed services for Kubernetes. This will enable companies in making Kubernetes adoption & operations simpler so that they can focus on their core business.

Why Managed Services for Kubernetes

Companies of all sizes are adopting and operating Kubernetes. While it is a great platform, a significant know-how is required to adopt it and operate it. We at InfraCloud have been helping companies make the journey easier. As early as 2017 we were working with fast adopters of technology to deploy Kubernetes in production. Companies trusted us as we were the first recognized Kubernetes partner in India and only other in APAC. Some of our co-innovations with our partners were also demonstrated publicly such as the ephemeral test environments that we built for OpenGov and had a huge impact on their development velocity. We have also been sharing our knowledge via OSS projects such as BotKube or via our Cloud Native and DevOps blogs

Isn’t my K8s cloud provider managed?

A question usually asked by many isn’t Kubernetes already provided as a managed service by all major cloud providers? Well yes - but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Kubernetes is available a fully managed service by all major cloud providers. But just managed Kubernetes is not enough for any non-trivial production grade application. There are a whole bunch of concerns, just to highlight a few:

  • Choosing the right way to do CI/CD with the right choices of methodologies such as GitOps, Progressive Delivery etc.
  • Handling multiple of such clusters in a uniform way and managing them.
  • Observability platforms for infrastructure and applications
  • Security of nodes, workloads, communication within and outside/across clusters.


InfraCloud managed services for Kubernetes are available in three tiers.

  • The Start-up tier is great for startups and companies just getting started with their Kubernetes journey. You will get the setup of many important things done without having to spend engineering time while being operational far quicker. For example - your observability stack, backup & DR and security etc. will all be setup as part of platform onboarding and you will not have to worry about it at all.

  • The Pro tier is a good fit for companies in the scaling up phase. We adopt what you have while trying to converge the gaps and bring in operational expertise and depth to you.

  • The Enterprise tier is for large teams whose needs are much different than when they started out. At this scale, you also need to pilot and change things to suit your development needs. We add a dedicated team of consultants and architects to cater to these needs specifically.

With all the tiers our architects and engineers will work with you to ensure we are doing the right things for your context. You can check out more details of what is covered in each K8s MSP tier here.


The pricing of InfraCloud managed services for Kubernetes is based on the size of infrastructure - truly reflecting you pay for what you use ethos. Ready to get started or have any queries regarding the managed services for Kubernetes? Simply chat with one of our MSP experts.

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