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Monitor, Debug, and Run checks on your Kubernetes resources straight from your favorite* messaging platform
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botkube multicluster

What BotKube does?



BotKube watches Kubernetes resources and sends a notification to the channel if any event occurs (for example a ImagePullBackOff error).


BotKube can execute kubectl commands on Kubernetes cluster without giving access to Kubeconfig or underlying infrastructure.


Run Checks

Some checks are built in but you can define and add additional checks for specific resources or events.

Enterprise ready Chatops for Kubernetes

Custom Integrations

BotKube integrates with various chat platforms like Slack, Mattermost and Microsoft Teams. We can help design and develop additional integrations and interfaces.

Role Based Access

Provide RBAC (role based access control) to execute certain commands based on the roles of individual users within your enterprise.

Auto Cluster Healing

Enable Machine Learning models to be used to figure out resolution for certain issues and resolve them. AI/ML models can be trained/used to suggest actions needs to be taken over failure.


We provide 24x7x365 support for production environments. You can also talk to committers of the project directly for any feature requests.

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