Decoding Internal Developer Portals (IDPs) with Port

53 mins
Decoding Internal Developer Portals (IDPs) with Port

About the webinar

Building an application is a complex process, and writing code is just one piece of the puzzle. There’s so much more involved - understanding how the app is structured, setting up different environments for development, testing, and production, and tackling pesky bugs and issues along the way. When developers don’t have easy access to the necessary tools and processes for these tasks, it can become overwhelming. This consumes their time and mental energy and slows down their progress.

That’s where a developer portal helps. It’s like a central hub where developers can find all the tools and resources they need to streamline their work, collaborate effectively, and ensure consistency in how they build applications.

In this webinar, we’ll explore developer portals and the challenges they help overcome, how they improve the developer experience, and what technical aspects you need to consider when creating one. We’ll also discuss how treating your platform as a product can enhance user satisfaction, foster iterative development, and create a more responsive feedback loop. Plus, we will look at Port, which helps you build platforms to improve end-to-end developer experience, resulting in better quality, security & cost control, as well as faster onboarding and velocity.

Key takeaways

  • Challenges developers face while building applications and their solutions.
  • How internal developer portals improve developer productivity by combining all the necessary items on a single pane.
  • Critical things that platform teams must consider while building platforms for a successful developer portal.
  • Explore Port, a SaaS product that enables organizations to build no-code internal developer portals quickly.

Meet the Speakers

Atulpriya Sharma
Atulpriya Sharma
Sr. Dev Advocate @ InfraCloud

Manual tester turned developer advocate. He talks about Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Platform Engineering & DevOps to help other developers and organizations adopt cloud native. He is also a CNCF Ambassador and the organizer of CNCF Hyderabad.

Jenny Salem
Jenny Salem
Director of Product Marketing @ Port

Jenny currently leads product marketing at Port. With a background in the cybersecurity and finops sectors, she brings a passion for the practical uses of technology. At Port, Jenny aims to utilize her experience to make a meaningful impact on the platform engineering ecosystem.

Vishal Biyani
Vishal Biyani
CTO & Founder @ InfraCloud

Vishal is an engineer and loves helping companies transform their business by using technology and coaching people. He is a contributor to Fission, Fast and Simple Serverless Functions for Kubernetes and is organizer of “Pune Kubernetes & CNCF Meetup”.

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