Optimizing Engineering Workflows with Dagger

59 mins
Optimizing Engineering Workflows with Dagger

About the webinar

Organizations deploy applications on multiple cloud platforms and environments - some are on-premise, some on AWS, and others on Azure. It enables developers to leverage the features of all the cloud services and reduce the dependability on any one. But managing engineering workflows across multiple clouds & environments can be complex for developers, and eventually increase their cognitive load. Developer platforms can bring in standardization, automation, reduce complexity and bring other self-service capabilities to streamline application deployments within distributed services.

In this webinar, we will discuss various ways in which platforms help standardize and optimize engineering workflows, especially from a multi-cloud environment setup. We’ll also look at Dagger, one of the popular tools for designing and executing complex workflows, and see a live demo of how it transforms complex workflows into clean code that can run anywhere.

Key takeaways

  • Understand how platform engineering reduces developer’s cognitive load by streamlining application deployments within distributed service.
  • Explore the challenges of managing engineering workflows across clouds & environments and ways to overcome them.
  • Discover how developer platforms help in optimizing and standardizing engineering workflows within multi-cloud environment setup.
  • Watch Dagger in action, replacing complex scripts with a programmable platform.

Meet the Speakers

Atulpriya Sharma
Atulpriya Sharma
Sr. Dev Advocate @ InfraCloud

Manual tester turned developer advocate. He talks about Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Platform Engineering & DevOps to help other developers and organizations adopt cloud native. He is also a CNCF Ambassador and the organizer of CNCF Hyderabad.

Sam Alba
Sam Alba
Co-Founder @ Dagger

Sam is a co-founder of Dagger, which is a programmable CI/CD Engine. Before Dagger, Sam was a founding Engineer at Docker, where he participated deeply in building the Product and the Team at various stages of the company.

Kyle Penfound
Kyle Penfound
Solutions Engineer @ Dagger

Kyle is part of the ecosystem team at dagger.io working on the future of CI/CD. With years of experience in DevOps and Release Engineering, he has seen what makes CI hard. He has a background in DevOps and just loves giving demos!

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