State of Kubernetes at InfraCloud

State of Kubernetes at InfraCloud

Girish Shilamkar
Girish Shilamkar

InfraCloud has been working on Kubernetes for almost a year now. And we have built deep expertise in building solutions using Kubernetes as well as integrations of Kubernetes and GKE with other products.

infraCloud has done following work on Kubernetes:

– Integrating Google Container Engine (Kubernetes) APIs for DevOps workflow product. Case study available on request at

– Building Rancher application catalog for Prometheus in Kubernetes. Blog

– Added gitRepo and glusterfs support to Rancher’s Kubernetes branch

– We recently started Kubernetes Pune Meetup and organised the first meet up on 17th November 2016. Link

– Vishal Biyani – infraCloud CTO delivered a talk on “Making Kubernetes simple with Rancher” at DevOps Days India 2016. [Video]

– We also co-published an ebook on Deploying and Scaling Kubernetes. Ebook link

InfraCloud Kubernetes Services:

– Building custom Kubernetes based platforms for Continuous Delivery

Setting up production grade Kubernetes in your cloud provider

Kubernetes custom feature development

– Kubernetes Integrations and plugins for Devops products and workflows

Outsourced Product Development around Kubernetes platform

Consulting services on choosing orchestrator and container management platform to build a Container as a Service platform

– Implementing CaaS platforms such as Rancher, Platform9, Redhat Openshift

– Building serverless platform on top of Kubernetes

– Trainings on Kubernetes and other CNCF projects.

Looking for help with Kubernetes adoption or Day 2 operations? learn more about our capabilities and why startups & enterprises consider as one of the best Kubernetes consulting services companies.

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